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What Is Fabric?

Choosing the right fabric is the core requirement in this industry.  As the whole process of printing or embroidery technique success depends a lot on the fabric compatibility to determine its lifespan end of day. The most commonly used fabrics varies from polyester, 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends. 


There are two type of cotton fabric, which is combed cotton and carded cotton. Combed cotton fabrics give you softer texture made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. So combed cotton are even and  finer fibers twisted together to produce a smooth texture thread. whereas carded cotton is created through a combination of short, thick and ragged cotton fibers. Carded cotton is cotton which has been prepared for spinning into thread or yarn. Hence the coarse carded cotton has inferior quality than combed cotton. Combed cotton feels soft and comfortable to wear and is sweat absorbent. However cotton wrinkle easily and are prone to shrink. 

Cotton / Polyester Blends

Cotton by itself is considered very soft, and it easily deforms and shrinks.  Cotton shirts that are 100 percent cotton,  may be  cool to the skin and provide comfort, but over several uses and washes, the shirts will be deformed, and are also more prone to shrinking. Although pure 100 percent cotton fabrics are very common, many manufacturers blend the cotton with polyester to make it stain resistant, breathable, and less prone to shrink.  Cotton and polyester blended t-shirts also tend to be a bit cheaper than pure cotton.

Tetron Cotton (TC) 

TC is made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon. Tetron Cotton will not shrink after washing, wrinkle free and the color  last longer than a usual pure cotton which color will fade and shrink after a few washing. Tetron cotton fabric is more durable than pure cotton, while lint and mildew only grow on organic materials such as cotton but not on a polyester therefore making Tetron cotton much healthier and safer to be worn.

Chief Value Cotton (CVC)  

CVC is 60 percent of cotton and 40 percent polyester. Cotton is a naturally derived material, and once it is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester, the material is called CVC. this is considered the better mix where Cotton is more and Polyester lesser in measurement, to provide a more durable cotton fabric.  Combining polyester to the cotton fabric, garments can become a lot of durable with less likelihood of  changing shape and shrinkage. this is also the reason why many work garments and school uniforms, are best made using CVC material.  Everyday usage and laundry puts an excessive amount of stress on the materials, and with the presence of polyester, uniforms and garments can become a lot more durable. Textile manufacturers also like CVC materials because they are less costly to supply.  Cotton is more expensive to supply compared to polyester that is synthetic.

Microfiber / Quick Dry

Microfiber is synthetic fiber manufactured from several completely different materials, like polyester and other fabrics in varied mixtures. Microfiber fabrics are extremely versatile and popular for various usage. This fabric has become a popular choice for performance attire and sportswear. Microfiber is fast substitude to cotton fabrics in production of specialty clothing. in addition Microfiber dries quickly and non-sweat absorbent. 

Hi-Cool Performance Fabric

Similar feature to microfiber fabric with Superior moisture management system and ultraviolet light protection, it keeps the user cool, dry and comfy. it has become the foremost popular choice in the category of moisture management fabrics. This Hi Cool performance fabric is soft and breathable, thus is durable even after several washes, giving the design still freshly new really easy to care. The distinctive fiber construction provides additional stretch performance. As this it is is liquid and stain resistant, it's ideal for office wear even appropriate in the wet season.


Spandex is a synthetic fabric with a polymer compound base. the fabric is able to expand up to 600 percent and spring back while not losing its integrity over time, the fibers could become exhausted. Spandex is polyurethane that is responsible for the fabric’s peculiarly elastic qualities. Its distinctive properties make it compatible to certain applications like sports apparel.  

Fabrics Type

The apparel materials normally used for printing and embroidery is shown below. These are easily sewn and match while require less pressing, maintenance and are comfortable to wear.



The  most common type of microfibre fabric used for sporty wear.

honey comb

Honey Comb

Also known as Lacoste which is common in Polo T-Shirt.



Pique fabric normally used for TC, CVC, FC is also a common Polo T-shirt choice.

single knit

Single Knit

Most commonly used for round neck t-shirts for its lightweight fabric.



Normally used with TC and FC. Suitable for T-shirts, Collar T-shirts, dresses, shorts, and pull up pants.

Type Of Collar

type of collar

Type Of Sleeves

type of Sleeves

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